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 Why we love what we do...


Customer Direct Marketing was started in January of 2016 by Luke Tappe. Based out of Quincy, Illinois & the surrounding areas. Luke has always had a niche for "marketing" and has always had very creative "marketing ideas" flowing through his bloodstream!


Coming from a father who owned his own screen printing & embroidery company from 1983 until he unfortunately lost his battle to Cancer in April of 2014. Luke officially started working for his fathers company right out of high-school. Started with bookkeeping, went onto sales, then to eventually stepping up when his father was diagnosed with Cancer, becoming the (GM) and running day to day operations & sales.


Luke was once set to be an owner, alongside his brother to take over his fathers company. Unfortunately plans had changed just days before Luke's fathers passing.


Did this stop Luke?...AS YOU CAN SEE he never GAVE UP....he NEVER TURNED AROUND or LOOKED BACK....

Luke then went on to creating a Cancer foundation in memory of his father. Dedicated to helping ALL LOCAL CANCER PATIENTS after his father's passing in 2014 called the Community Cancer Crush! In just 3 short years the Community Cancer Crush has been able to raise OVER a QUARTER of a MILLION DOLLARS for LOCAL Cancer Patients! These funds are all dispersed through the Blessing Foundation!

Luke then went on to obtain his Illinois Real Estate License in January of 2016 and is also an active REALTOR® with Davis & Frese Inc., REALTORS® here in Quincy & surrounding areas!


Luke is also the Father of 6-year old, Ayden!


Luke believes in creative marketing strategies & ideas to make your business STAND OUT amongst your competitors. With your next t-shirt, corporate wear, or promotional product order. Let Customer Direct Marketing help you keep that competitive edge over your competition.


Customer Direct Marketing offers over 950,000 different promotional products! We will meet with you to discuss your individual needs & will help you strategize & put together ideas & strategies of what promotional products will best help you boost your overall business & sales!




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